Tip #101 Listing Advice for Pet Owners

Hello Texas, I’m Gina Chaney with Texas Pads Real Estate here to provide you with our home seller tip of the day.

We all love our pet’s right. Can’t you just feel the oxytocin levels rising after a long hard day at work and Fido or Spots just runs up to you for a nice cuddle session? Well I’m going to reveal to you some good pet etiquette when listing your home.

So here is our quick tip of the day

Hide those litter boxes. Come up with a neat and innovating way to conceal them. You may even consider purchasing a designer cat box enclosure as a way to hide them in plain sight.

Furthermore if you have visible pet stains on your carpet hire a professional carpet cleaner. If on a tight budget consider renting or evening borrowing a carpet cleaner. I know I keep one on standby for my listing clients. Wink wink.

Also put away pet food, water bowls, pet beds, and toys before showings.

Last but not least remove pets from the home or put them into a carrier or cage when showing the home.

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